Motion, music, quantum flow

Sometimes life is a self finding navigation system. You are in a river of not knowing anything, you think you do everything wrong and one day, out of the blue, it makes *bamm* and you say „yes“.
Yes, to yourself, to every single decision you ever made.

It´s not about what people think about you, because pleasing everyone is impossible, but pissing of everyone is a piece of cake. It´s just about what you feel in the place, which nobody ever sees. The place on the ground of your soul, the secret chamber, which is hidden under the mountain of every day living.

When you get it to stay in touch with your essential being, with your inner core, you´re motion itself, – just like music.

I don´t know the guy on the photo, it was a shot on a street party, but every time I watch the pic, I ask myself what was first, music or motion.

If all is united in the quantum field, then one causes the other and the music was from the beginning of time.

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Tschuligom, dass ich in Englisch geschrieben habe, wird jetzt öfter mal vorkommen, weil ich tief im Herzen eine Poetin bin und manche Dinge auf Angelsächsisch einfach so wunderschön klingen. Man nennt das auch künstlerische Freiheit. Da mein Englisch aber höchstens dem einer Siebtklässlerin entspricht, sollte es auch für Ungeübte ein bißchen zu verstehen sein. Wenn nicht, contact me. I´ll answer. 😉

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  1. backgroundsinger

    Your english is perfect, your story is wonderful

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